Our attorneys are highly experienced throughout all stages of the procurement and contracting process, whether it’s for educational institutions, municipalities or businesses. We’re focused on minimizing potential risk at the beginning of the contract process and throughout the life of the contract, and can handle any disputes that may arise.

We can advise and assist with the legal aspects associated with procurement, such as those related to invitations for bids or requests for proposals, as well as contracting, including negotiation, drafting and review of terms. We have extensive experience with all types of contracts, including business contracts, real estate transactions, joint ventures and various regulatory agreements.  We are particularly proficient regarding joint or cooperative agreements entered into by public and private entities under Iowa Code Chapter 28E.

To help protect clients’ interests, we can assist in reviewing and drafting the appropriate contracts with contractors, suppliers, vendors, independent contractors, or professional service providers, for a complete range of products and services, as well as reviewing and drafting the relevant procurement documents prior to contract issuance. 

Government Regulations

State and Federal government regulations, such as Iowa’s competitive bidding law or the U.S. administrative requirements for procurement, are designed to ensure public funds are protected and used appropriately. To the extent that procurements/contracts are subject to such government regulations and oversight, we can help with understanding which bidding, proposal, or other procurement requirements apply to the contract letting process, and provide drafting or review of the necessary proceedings, notices, and other documentation for compliance.

Representative Projects

  • Our attorneys counsel and assist school districts by drafting legal opinions on a variety of issues related to procurement and contracting, including: school business relationships, real estate sales/purchases for schools, school sharing arrangements, and use of school funds.
  • Our contract work includes, but is not limited to: school transportation contracts, food service contracts, architect and construction contracts, agreements for school facilities use, grant applications/contracts, curriculum materials agreements, student practicum agreements, technology agreements for hardware and software, telecommunications contracts, and agreements for in-service trainers, education consultants, etc.
  • Represented a school district in a dispute regarding the award of a contract where the school district awarded a construction contract for the construction of geothermal wells to a bidder who had different qualifications than those listed in the advertisement for bids. The firm successfully argued and showed the court that determining the qualification of bidders was within the discretion of the school district and moreover the successful bidder’s qualifications were equivalent to or better than those specified in the solicitation for bids. The court affirmed the school district’s award of the contract.
  • Our government contract work includes, but is not limited to: contracts for the provision of incentives related to State programs such as High Quality Jobs Program, Withholding Agreements, and Local Match; tax rebate agreements with developers, entrepreneurs and manufacturers; agreements for the purchase and sale of land; minimum assessment agreements; assistance in new market and historic tax credit projects, etc.
  • Defended municipality in a multi-party construction dispute arising out of the restoration of an historic building.
Private Entities
  • Our contract work for both businesses and private colleges includes, but is not limited to: contracts for the purchase, sale, and development of real property; contracts relating to the purchase and sale of business interests; credit agreements and related documents; and contracts related to new market and historic tax credit projects; etc.
  • Our attorneys have drafted, revised and negotiated architectural and engineering contracts, as well as complex, multi-million dollar construction contracts for various private colleges and universities in Iowa. These contracts have been with some of the largest architectural firms and general contracting companies in Iowa and the Midwest for a variety of new construction projects, including multiple pedestrian street/plaza projects, an innovative STEM building, and renovations and additions for athletic complexes and fields.