March 15, 2012

Webinar on March 15, 12:00-1:00 PM


This webinar will help parents and educators better understand the procedures for developing educational programming for students with disabilities.  We will discuss strategies for effective communication between parents and schools through the IEP process.  We will hear perspectives from Iowa educators about the IEP team process, and will consider what reasonable expectations schools and parents can have for each other.  We will take a close look at the mediation process, and will discuss how mediation can be a productive tool for resolving disputes and building stronger parent-school relationships.

·         Participants will hear tips on how to effectively communicate and advocate through the IEP process.
·         Participants will understand the mediation process and the scope of topics generally covered by mediation.
·         Participants will gain an understanding of the reasonable expectations of parents and schools in the IEP team process, and how those expectations are affected by state and federal law.
·         Participants will hear perspectives on the IEP and mediation processes from real Iowa educators.

Van Heukelem, Miriam


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