April 23, 2014

Prairie Meadows

Public Sector BargainingTrends and Updates - Katherine Beenken &Mike Galloway - The session will also focus on strategies that Employers can implement for current negotiations and future negotiations. Attendees will learn the basics for successful contract negotiations in the public sector; what arbitrators look at; the settlement trends and the difficult issues on the horizon.

Discipline and Discharge in the Public Sector - Katherine Beenken &Mike Galloway - New and novel claims and causes of actions in connection with employment-related claims continue to be part of the employment litigation landscape. This is especially true in the Public Sector with the Public Employment Relations Act, Veterans Preference; the Police Bill of Rights and the Teacher Termination law, just to name a few. This session will cover the various laws effecting employment in the public sector and what Employers need to know and do to avoid this litigation minefield.
Iowa Public Employment Relations Act Update - Andrew Bracken - The Iowa Public Employment Relations Act can be a moving target for Public Employers and even accidental missteps by an employer often result in costly litigation. This session will cover important recent developments in the Act; an update on recent Court and PERB decisions and a review of potential issues heading for litigation.

Beenken, Katherine


Galloway, Michael


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