Emily Kolbe

Summer Associate, 2013
Associate Attorney, joined firm 2016
Shareholder 2022

"The summer experience at Ahlers & Cooney is a great introduction to the practice of law. In addition to learning about the various practice areas at Ahlers and the day-to-day work of attorneys, the summer associate program gives a glimpse of what life as an attorney at this specific firm looks like. Working with many experienced attorneys on different types of projects, in addition to a few social events, provides summer associates with a well-rounded picture of the firm. The combination of interesting, challenging work with collegial and supportive people convinced me I would be fortunate to eventually join the team. Although the summer itself flew by, the experience stayed with me through the rest of law school and clerking until I landed right where I had hoped to be – as an attorney with Ahlers & Cooney."

Keyan McAreavy

Summer Associate, 2021
Associate Attorney, joined firm 2022

"The Summer Associate program at Ahlers & Cooney is a wonderful introduction to the practice of law and life at the firm. The program allowed me to work with many experienced attorneys across various practice areas, which helped give me a well-rounded picture of the firm and a glimpse of what life as an Ahlers attorney is like. The prospect of being able to work on interesting matters with supportive and professional people convinced me that I wanted to join the Ahlers & Cooney team. Although the summer went by much too fast, the experience stayed with me throughout the remainder of law school, until I ended up right where I wanted to be – as an attorney at Ahlers & Cooney."


Summer Associate Program

Ahlers & Cooney places a great deal of importance on our Summer Associate program, which provides a key lifeline for hiring of new Associates. We believe our Summer Associate program should provide the opportunity for law students to get a real sense of working in a legal practice while assisting on actual casework with our attorneys. We ensure that our Summer Associates get a broad experience across our different practice areas so they gain an understanding of what they might excel at and most enjoy. If they already have a desire to focus in a particular area of the law, they will be able to work more extensively with a particular practice group, while still getting broad exposure.

Even though each Summer Associate works with a variety of attorneys, they are assigned to one attorney who serves as their mentor for the summer.  One attorney also serves as Projects Coordinator for the summer to ensure all Summer Associates are getting the well-rounded experience that they deserve. When we hire and evaluate our Summer Associates, we are constantly determining if we see a mutual connection which would lead to a long-term future at Ahlers & Cooney. 

To extend our Firm’s culture for a work/life balance, we also facilitate a variety of social activities throughout the summer for Summer Associates and Attorneys.  Activities have included:  progressive dinners, I-Cubs outings, spa days, golf outings, after hours get-togethers, and more.  In order for our Summer Associates to meet attorneys that they may not work with directly, we have weekly lunches off-site with all Summer Associates and 3-4 attorneys.  These opportunities for personal rapport are a great way for relationship building within the Firm.


For more information about the Summer Associate program, contact:
Conner Wasson